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All About Us

Our Fashion Boutique and Batik HandCraft was established in 1995 with the purpose of creating the most unique and stylish Handcraft Batik. Founded by Lianawaty Hidayat, with motivation "From Zero to Hero" and also inspired by a combination Natural Event and Social life, OZZY BATIK PEKALONGAN offer in our word "The Most Unique" Handcraft Batik from Pekalongan. We can be identified from our characteristic in color and handwriting batik. Mrs. Lianawaty Hidayat applies a focused and wholehearted work system to OZZY BATIK PEKALONGAN, and also we are always learning and doing research &development for further product development. Customers can come to us for our impressive selection of Batik, Ready to wear and even order Custom Made Batik to our Workshop .

At OZZY BATIK PEKALONGAN, we provide customers with Unique fashion Batik that are sure to add a bit of flair to your Collection. Stop by and take a look at our Workshop and Boutique.

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